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rule mods to World of Darkness system to bring it up to a Cyberpunk style game.
Edge System
Hacking system that doesn’t involve running a separate mini-game in the middle of combat

Edges are something to replace the traditional class/role from RPGs/CP2020 system, and is loosely based on V:tM Disciplines.

An Edge is a skill you’ve mastered, which you can spend Edge Points on in situations that take your skill into consideration. Rather than have a Class/Role that dictates the ONE thing you’re good at, you can take multiple Edges, but each edge beyond your primary costs that much more XP to level up.

For example, you’re playing a netrunner, so your primary Edge is Hacking. But you’re not just some nerd that’s never left his mom’s basement – you’ve hung out with gangs and gotten into a little trouble in your time, so you’ve got a 2nd Edge; Small Guns. To add a point to your 2nd Edge, you’d have to spend 2x more XP than you would for your Hacking. If you later decide to take a third Edge, it would cost 3x the XP to bring that Edge skill up one point.

Edges are kept in order on your Character Record Sheet, and you can’t bring an edge higher in level than your primary. Edges at the same level are considered in the order they were added (ie: your 2nd and 3rd Edge are both at 4 points, it still costs the respective 2x and 3x XP to bring the 2nd and 3rd up one point)

Examples of Edges:

  • Hacking
  • Small Guns (hand-guns, peper-box, etc)
  • Medium Guns (Uzis, SMGs, AKs, shotguns, etc – guns that you could potentially hide in a trenchcoat)
  • Heavy Guns (Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launchers, Chainguns, things that you can’t hide)
  • Explosives (Grenades, plastic explosives, pipe-bombs, etc)
  • Blades (knives, swords, machete, etc.)
  • Brawl (street-fighting, martial arts, etc)
  • Repair (cybertech, weapons, security systems, computers, vehicles, espionage gear, etc)
  • Medic (anesthesiologist, drugs, combat medic, doctor, surgeon, cyberware installation, etc)
  • Streetdeal (black market contacts, edgerunner contacts, drug dealer, corp contacts, etc)
  • Questioning (journalist, corp. infiltrator, torture, etc)
  • Stealth (disguises, hide-in-shadows, move silently)
  • Crime (lock-picking, safe-cracking, pickpocket, forgery)
  • Drive (cars, AVs, motorcycles, RVs, trucks, vans, tanks, helicopters, jets, etc)

The edge system is fairly open – if you’ve got an idea for some specific field/skill your character would specialize in, I’m all ears!

Edge Points
Edge Points are a pool of points similar to Willpower. Your Edge Points are derived from your Edges in a similar way to how XP is awarded – every point in your primary Edge adds one point to the pool, every 2 points in a secondary edge adds a point to the pool, every 3 points in the tertiary edge adds one point to the pool, etc..

Edge Points can only be spent on rolls involving an edge you have. You can spend one Edge Point to:

  • Add dice equal to a roll equal to the level of your Edge, and ignore that many 1s. For example, you have 3 in Handguns and you use an Edge point – you get three additional dice to roll and you ignore up to three 1s on that roll
  • Ignore a 1 on a roll involving one of your edges: You roll 5 dice, get two successes, but three 1s! You can spend 2 Edge to ignore two of those 1s, giving you only 1 success.. you could also spend 3 Edge to get two successes.
  • Increase the value of a die roll by spending a cumulative amount of Edge: you’re hacking and want to make sure you get a spectacular success breaking into the database – every 8 is a success. You roll 6 dice and get 2 3 5 7 8. You could spend 1 Edge to bring the 7 up to an 8. If you REALLY want more success, you can spend 6 Edge to bring the 5 up to an 8 (1 to bring it to 6, 2 to bring it to 7, 3 to bring it to 8). You could also spend 3 Edge to bring that 8 up to a 10, giving you one extra dice to roll.

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