Solo street samurai with roller blades


Cyberpunk 2020 character:

INT: 6 REF:10 BODY:9 BTM: -3 RUN: 24 AGE: 20 TECH:2 COOL:9 ATT: 6 HUM: 41 LEAP:6 Gender:Male LUCK:5 EMP: 7/4 M.A: 8 SAVE:9 LIFT:90kg

Combat sense:6 Awareness: 8 Handguns: 1
Brawl/M.Arts:3 Melee: 8 Weapon Tech: 2
Rifle: n\a Athletics: 8 SMG: 5
Stealth: 6 Street wise: 2 Basic Tech: 2
Intimidate: 1 Skating: 4 Expert area knowledge: 1


Cybereyes w/lowlight vision & Dodge-ball


Sub-dermal armor (skull)


Light Armor Jacket


Family Sword (Mono Katana)

Uzi Mini-auto 9

Tazer Gloves

-Personality traits:
Stable & Serious
-The person I value the most:
-What I value most:
My word
-How I feel about most people:
People are untrustworthy. I trust no one
-Most valued Item:
Family Sword


Clothes:—- Tank top, cammo pants and rollerblades
Hair:——— Short & Spiked Neon Green
Affections: Tribal scars
Origins: Japanese/American

Backround:(most notable events that happened each year from 16 to 20)
At the age of 16 my family was framed for stealing company secrets by a rival corp. and was exiled from my homeland of Japan(Tokyo City). We moved to the U.S. in the city of Angels: Los Angeles. Two months after we got there my father and mother were the unfortunate victims of a boostergang drive-by…i was the only survivor and was left to fend for myself. Most of my teen years were spent in a corp. Arcology in one of the poorest sections of the city. At 17, I was able to save the child of a high ranking corp. executive that still to this day…owes me a favor. At 18, I witnessed some cops taking bribes and was hunted around the city for the better part of that year until I was able to clear my name…wich I did. The year of my 19th birthday was fortunately uneventfull. Just did my best to stay out of “trouble”. At 20yrs old I was very fortunate to find a Sensei that was kind enough to take me in. This person became the closest thing I had to a family. Not only is he my Sensei, but also my mentor. I was able to improve my martial Arts skill with a couple of new techniques. Towards the end of that year I joined a booster gang. If I ever wanted to know who was responsible for the death of my parents, then knowing how booster gangs operate was the best choice I was able to make.


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